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Burn More Calories in Less Time.

X-CIRCUITS 45 Minute Workout!!  TRY FREE

     Millions of people join the gym each year with every intention of making a lifestyle change and transforming their bodies.  Unfortunately, most get frustrated and that unstoppable determination they had just a few months before quickly fades away.  This is because most people need more than just a membership.  A membership only gives you access,  but all the education, motivation, workout plan and nutrition is still up to you and the cost of personal training can sometimes leave many feeling discouraged and hopeless. 

      You don't have to go it alone anymore.  We know there is a tremendous need for a more affordable way  to get the motivation, nutritional guidance and professional assistance that is so important to helping you achieve the results your after.  This is why we created our X-Circuit training program.  This unique approach brings all the advantages of cross fit, core training, high intensity interval training and strength training into a 45 minute amazing calorie and fat burning workout.  Now you have the option of private training, x-circuit training or a combination of both.   

Private Training Special:   3 for $89

Looking for a customized training plan.  Our 1 on1 personal training options have you covered!

Over 30 X-circuit trainings a week to choose from and no appointment needed!  Our staple workout!

Memberships don't get you in shape.
Workouts do!!

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Take your fitness to the next level with our challenging, but rewarding bootcamp workouts! 

5 for $25 X-Circuit Introductory Special purchase

3 for $89 Personal Training Introductory Special 

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